Barbara Rowan, Scotland.


We spent a fabulous week at the Bret’s farmhouse. Nearby Vaison La Romaine was so wonderfully, typically ‘French’ with lots of good cafés and restaurants and some very interesting shops.  Certainly good to spend a few hours browsing through.   There was some great street entertainment of an evening in the town centre, giving a lovely family atmosphere for all age groups. The Open Markets were absolutely fantastic with a huge variety of foods, meats and fancy goods.  It was a lovely opportunity to see how friendly the French people can be too!!!

Staying at the house was just fabulous.  It is in such a great location and offers tremendous views over the valley. The first few days we were there, the Mistral wind was very strong, but this soon calmed down.  The house itself is great for either a family holiday or for several couples, as we were.  There is great space to gather and eat in comfort or sit in the evening, but equally there are wonderful nooks and crannies throughout the property to escape to for quiet time to read or just take in the atmosphere and views. There is a particularly lovely spot at the fountain,  on the west side of the house.  This is a special place and very tranquil.

The very slight (and it is only slight) downside for us was that the swimming pool is a little walk away from the actual house, but this did not actually pose any problem. On the plus side, the location of the swimming pool offers complete privacy to sunbathe and swim without anyone watching! Our hosts could not have been more welcoming and certainly made it clear that ‘their house’ was ‘our house’ for the duration of our stay.   Everything any person could possibly want was available. A most comfortable, easy feeling,  conducive to a wonderful holiday! We experienced a most romantic and relaxing holiday, enjoyed with a group of our very special friends.   A must for likeminded people!

Many,  many thanks again for allowing us to visit your French home, Patrice & Jillian.

 – Barbara Rowan, Scotland