Patrice Bret

Patrice was born and raised in Lyons, France. His mother was from the south, where he spent many childhood vacations enjoying the wonders of Provence. Being French, it’s almost impossible to grow up without placing a very high importance on the preparation and consumption of high quality food – it’s simply part of a Frenchman’s genetic make-up!

This penchant for eating great food, combined with his training as a medical doctor, has given Patrice an innate curiosity about the science of food – from the intrigue of ‘tasting and testing’ to applying technical methods that contribute to the artistic and flavour  results. By applying his understanding of chemistry and learning how to manipulate ingredients, methods and cooking times, Patrice has honed his skills and simplified many processes in order to make Gourmet inspired cooking more accessible and time efficient for ‘everyday cooks’.

Combining the science (technicality), art (inventiveness) and esthetics (impression) provides, what he believes, is a holistic approach to everyday cooking. Patrice believes that there is an ‘inner creator’ in every aspiring chef, and that in order to learn how to cook well, we need to engage in a process that will enable us to unleash our culinary creativity. He will be the first to say that the most important aspect  of preparing a meal is the chef’s enthusiasm for the people he’s cooking for. Patrice is a firm believer in taking advantage of the local farmer’s markets and buying fresh, local produce that is not only delicious, but nutritious and authentic too! In addition to his passion for preparing tasty, nutritious and delicious meals, Patrice is an avid photographer, who enjoys capturing ‘slices of life’ on camera that provide lasting memories.