About Us

Patrice bought “La Bergerie” in 2004 in order to fulfill his dream of creating a special place in the world for his cosmopolitan family to gather together. With a son in England, a daughter and two grandsons Canada, and two daughters in various cities in France, his vision was to create a meeting place that would hold emotional value and draw everyone together.  After an exhaustive search with his daughter Clementine, they settled on “La Bergerie” as their family home.

It was his father, Pierre, who suggested that they look in the Vaucluse region – specifically the villages near Mt. Ventoux and Les Dentelles de Montmerail.  He assured them that it was the best place in the world – a piece of heaven. To this day he will simply look up and utter the word ‘paradis’ (paradise) as he relaxes on the terrace in the afternoon sun, savouring the herb scented breezes and gazing across the vineyards and valleys.

When Patrice met Jillian in 2005, he had already had plans drawn up by a local architect to renovate and expand the house.  On their first date, Patrice asked Jillian for her professional opinion regarding his renovation plans…and the rest (as they say) is history. Not only did they renovate together, they were married in 2007 and held a wonderful family celebration at La Bergerie, with Patrice’s whole family and Jillian’s children in attendance.

Since then, there have been many celebrations  that have brought together family and friends and continues to be a source of great joy and inspiration.

This web site is the result of a family effort.  Web Design by our son-in-law Jonas Eriksson. Savour Provence Logo designed by Patrice’s daughter, Valentine.  Creative Direction & Copy by Jillian.  Photography and Media by Patrice.